Blog 92 York

Yours truly had a birthday on March 2nd and this year a visit was arranged to spend a few days in York.


Photo Copyright Blake

After performing with Blake and Helen Vereker Singers at The Courtyard, Hereford in October, I am delighted to welcome Blake to answer some questions for us. Many of you may already know that the widely tipped Number 1 for Christmas  2015 will be Blake and Dame Shirley Bassey!

De Koffie Pot

My friend and I were looking for a restaurant in Hereford that welcomes dogs inside their premises. One such place is De Koffie Pot in Left Bank Village, Hereford.

Devon blog

Last week, we decided to book a couple of days in Devon. On December 6th, Derek and I drove to Paignton to start our break and visited his brother and wife for a few hours.

Blog Week 89

Photo copyright Brian O'Donaghue

On Monday 31st October Norman Turner, veteran OAPSchatter arrived in Herefordshire for 5 days and began his stay by coming to Helen Vereker Singers choir practice on Monday evening.

Mini article

 The word 'mini' conjours up many things, miniskirt, minimalist, minicabs, minibus, etc etc and today Mini Clubman!

Blog part 2 wedding

On Wednesday we drove to Obidos and met up with Steve, his wife and mother and Steve's friend Rob.

Blog Port

Have you ever been to The Silver Coast in Portugal? As you can see from the lead photo, it is a beach lovers paradise, but there is much more besides!

Obidos (blog)

Obidos Lagoon on the Silver Coast Portugal. Photo copyright Steve Davies

Mrs Oapschat is going on holiday soon for two weeks and is attending a wedding in Portugal!

Birmingham blog

Last Sunday I caught a train to Birmingham New Street. Nothing unusual about that is there? Well for me it was as I have not travelled on a train by myself before!

 Ralph McTell

Photo reproduced with permission from Carol Gullick

The tickets were booked on March 28th. Would May 12th ever happen? Was I really going to see Ralph Mctell at The Royal Albert Hall?? Yes and yes!!


Phone Blog 80

So, the thing is I have had my trusty Nokia phone for six years. It has been a great phone and still is. But it is not a smart phone so therefore when I am out or not online, I cannot access my emails or social media pages.

Blog 79

When I wrote about Spring Cleaning last week, the weather has been perfect here for the last few days for me to complete many jobs.

 Blog week 78

This week I had two letters from supermarkets offering me Spring cleaning products at half price. I wonder why it is such a big deal to encourage us to ‘Spring clean?’

Blog Albums

It has been a busy week and I have been playing some favourite vinyl albums again. So many to choose from. Following on from an article I wrote in May last year, I thought I would write about five more!

 Blog 76

Did you have a good Easter? On Saturday Derek and I drove to Exeter for a three day break. After Friday’s superb weather, we were hoping for walks in the sunshine and feeling warmer now that Spring has arrived.

Blog 75

It's been a busy week, but most of it taken up with writing and usual tasks, so nothing new to blog about. Instead, I don’t know why, but last night I was thinking about my seaside holidays when I was a child! 

Blog 74

Photo copyright Ferndale House

I thought I had escaped the 'lurgy.' The lurgy has other ideas. I have been without my 'voice' since Sunday! I am still coughing and sneezing and it is indeed a nuisance. So many people that I know have illnesses. Roll on Spring! 

Blog 73

 I have had a busy and unusual week, but a very satisfying one!

Blog 72

It has been a super week weathewise and I have been out and about most days looking at all the lovely spring flowers starting to bloom.

Blog 71

I have been sorting through some papers this week and came across a menu from an 80th retirement dinner that my late father attended in 1938. This was held at The Green Dragon Hotel in Hereford, the oldest hotel in Hereford, possibly dating back to 1079 when it was called The White Lion*

Blog week 70

The last time I caught a cold was in November 2014! Then suddenly just before midnight on Wednesday 10th February, I started sneezing, coughing, eyes were watering and I thought to myself 'where have you just come from??'


I may have mentioned once or twice that I had a Fitbit Flex for Christmas. This little device is now permanently on my wrist and records how 'fit' I am.......The aim is 10,000 steps per day. I am averaging 8,000 at the moment.

Car blog

I have owned a car of one make or another for forty three years without a break. From a Ford Prefect to my current car, a Vauxhall Agila.

Blog Barter

I have been having a bit of a de-clutter this week and like many of us, I have new items that I have bought over the years which I have never used. I wonder if the bartering system is still popular and if OAPSchatters would be interested in maybe swapping goods?

Southampton Jan 2015

This week I am revisiting a blog I wrote exactly one year ago. Some of you may not have read about Derek and I meeting up with Norman and Terri. The weather is almost the same as today, dry, cold and sunny.


Are you particular about the type of soap you buy? So many different brands and products out there.

New Year

Happy New Year Oapschatters! No doubt many of you have made New Year Resolutions. Only 8% of people stick to them according to this report. Having been around since the 23rd Century B.C, it looks like they are here to stay!!

Blog gifts

Photo used with permission ©

Are you often stumped when buying Christmas presents for people who really really do not want any more 'clutter' or socks, shower gel or scented candles?