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Pauline Barclay charity book

A few months ago, Gary Walker from Look 4 Books suggested that maybe authors featured on his web site might like to contribute a short story to produce a book that could be sold with all proceeds going to charity.

After several weeks of hard work from a number of the authors, especially Elaine Chissick, The Look 4 Books Medley of Short Stories became a published reality on 26th May 2015.

In total eighteen authors contributed short stories creating a wonderful mix from tales that will make you smile to some that will have you sitting on the edge of your chair!

All proceeds from the sales will be donated equally between two UK charities, Alzheimer's Society, and the Autistic Society in the UK.

Here are a few words on my contribution… Getting Noticed. When Sue Potter lost over six stone in weight and could easily slip into a size 12 dress, all she wanted was for her husband to notice. Desperate to catch his eye, she hit on an idea when passing a car showroom that would guarantee he couldn’t miss her. At least she hoped that would be the case!

And here are the names of the other amazing authors: Anne Harvey, Elaine Chissick, Madalyn Morgan, Vanessa KnipeMason N. Forbes, June Gundlack, Terri Nixon, H.E. Joyce, Carol Anne Hunter, Carol & Tom Phipps, Sherrie Lowe, Maureen Turner, Tina K. Burton, Nicci Rae, Billierosie, Scarlett Flame, Gary Walker.

These are all top selling authors so you will be in good company reading this collection of fabulous short stories. Note the 18 button! This is because there are one or two raunchy ones too!

Sit back and enjoy!

Available in Kindle from ALL Amazon sites.

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Pauline B

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Pauline Barclay
Who Am I?

I am a Yorkshire lass, but have lived in several different locations including over the years; Suffolk, Surrey and Holland. Today, I live on the beautiful volcanic island of Lanzarote with my husband and our two gorgeous rescue doggies.

Years ago I gained a BA (Hons) degree from the Open University, today I spend my time writing fiction. I have four books published, plus a 20 minute short festive story. I am busy working on book 5 which is scheduled to be published in 2014.

My passion is to write about events that happen in life and change everything for those involved as well as those caught up in the maelstrom. I want my characters to sit at your side, steal your attention and sweep you up in their story. Stories that will bring tears to your eyes, have you laughing out loud and sometimes, what they share with you, will stay in your hearts for a very long time.

I am also the girl behind those other bubbly glasses who runs the exciting new and dynamic Indie Author site Famous Five Plus. To find out all about what happen at Famous Five Plus visit www.famousfiveplus.com

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