Car blog

I have owned a car of one make or another for forty three years without a break. From a Ford Prefect to my current car, a Vauxhall Agila.

Blog Barter

I have been having a bit of a de-clutter this week and like many of us, I have new items that I have bought over the years which I have never used. I wonder if the bartering system is still popular and if OAPSchatters would be interested in maybe swapping goods?

Southampton Jan 2015

This week I am revisiting a blog I wrote exactly one year ago. Some of you may not have read about Derek and I meeting up with Norman and Terri. The weather is almost the same as today, dry, cold and sunny.


Are you particular about the type of soap you buy? So many different brands and products out there.

New Year

Happy New Year Oapschatters! No doubt many of you have made New Year Resolutions. Only 8% of people stick to them according to this report. Having been around since the 23rd Century B.C, it looks like they are here to stay!!

Blog gifts

Photo used with permission ©

Are you often stumped when buying Christmas presents for people who really really do not want any more 'clutter' or socks, shower gel or scented candles?

Blog wk 62

This week has seen a few visits taking place, some choir singing and I have started to write some Christmas cards....!

Blog Wk 61

This week has been spent catching up with two friends I have known since 1960 - EEK! Plus sorting out a new 21 day fun  competition for The Forum on the website.

Blog week 59

As I type this my email box is constantly ping ping pinging with Black Friday 'deals'. I have no interest in spending hours queuing or searching online for a 'bargain.'

Phil and Y garden

A busy week again at Oapschat Towers, but I have been out for two days this week to meet up with friends and Derek's relations which was most enjoyable.

 Lego Blog

With Lego again topping the list of must have gifts for Christmas 2015, it made me think what an incredible invention this was and how it has maintained its popularity since 1949 when the first interlocking bricks were manufactured.

 Childhood blog

I was visiting a friend one day this week and she was looking after her grandson. The book she was reading to him was The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. A book that was written in 1969 and is still selling widely in 2015. To date it has sold over 41 million copies and translated into 62 languages!

 Blog wk 55

On a recent visit to Exeter, I went to the Exeter Story Prize and Trisha Ashley Award presentation at St Stephens Church, Exeter. The event was organised by Creative Writing Matters founder Cathie Hartigan and her team: Sophie Duffy and my sister, Margaret JamesTrisha Ashley came along to present the first Trisha Ashley Award for a humourous short story.

Blog Week 54

Photo copyright Brian O'Donoghue

As many of you already know, I am a member of Helen Vereker Singers and on Saturday October 3rd around thirty of us shared the stage at The Courtyard Hereford with Blake! 

Lincoln Blog

This week I am blogging about my visit to Lincoln which included food, a reunion and steep walks up cobbled streets and hills!

 Radio blog

Have you had a good week? Busy here as usual and I put a post up on FB about which radio stations you listen to.If I had to choose between watching the television or listening to the radio, the latter always wins hands down. Is this an age thing??

Garden Blog

I could not think what to write about in my blog this week! As I look out of my window I realise that September is nearly half over and autumn will soon be upon us. The trees are changing colours and the nights are drawing in.

 Fundraising Blog

This week has seen lots of rain, lots of phone calls, lots of emailing and lots of thinking about new ideas! A shorter blog than usual is the result!

Littlehampton Blog 

A relatively busy week and a decision to book a couple of nights away has taken place and I find myself on August 21st in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Wyn Blog 48

This week I was with two best friends who I have known for over 35 years. Pam had a birthday on Monday and Wyn invited us for lunch at her lovely cottage in Bishopstone, Herefordshire.

Cardiff Blog

Now I am of a certain age, I qualify for and now have, a Railcard. It has not been put to much use since March, so on Thursday Derek and I decided to make the most of a promised day of fine weather.

Blog Wk 47

I am a wine lover as many of you know, but this week I have been to Broadfield Court, Bodenham where they make and sell wine, and to a local pub where good wine is sold and I only drank ginger beer!

Wash Machine Blog

Years ago, people washed everything by hand and usually one day a week was set aside for 'Wash Day', it was typically on a Monday. My late mother in law stuck rigidly to this day for as long as I can remember, even when she had a washing machine.

Worcester Blog 44

A day away from the screen on Tuesday resulted in a trip to Worcester by train to meet up with my eldest son for lunch and catching up on family news.

 TV Blog wk 43

Television. To many people this conjurs up phrases such as, 'must have TV on','can't miss this programme','The Soaps are brilliant.'etc etc. It may be the only device worth interacting with in some households.

Derek in Topsham

Oapschat Towers has been busy as usual and this week has been blessed with good weather to be outdoors and appreciate all the lovely blooms that are everywhere to be seen.

Choir blog Week 41

Do you find that the older you get, the harder it is to remember lyrics to songs? This week has seen me going over and over song lyrics in preparation for a performance at a local Nursing Home fete today and Llangollen Eisteddfod next month.

Solar Panels

Have you noticed that more and more houses in the UK are having Solar Panels installed?  How long does it really take to recoup the cost?


It is Half-Term this week and as I have been taking my daily walk, I cannot help but notice how EMPTY the playgrounds are around where I live.

Ralph Mctell

On Sunday Derek and I drove to Tewkesbury. The Abbey is a towering landmark in this lovely town, but I was looking forward to the evening as we were booked to see Ralph Mctell at The Roses Theatre.


This week Derek and I have been in Devon visiting family. A lovely part of the world, be it by the coast or inland.