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Every year at the end of April, beginning of May, it is the same. The letters come flooding through the letter box. ‘We can beat your current quote.’


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This week I have been busy writing and editing as usual, but instead of listening to Spotify or my CD’s, I have been playing some of my favourite Long Playing albums, or ‘Vinyl' as they appear listed these days on many websites. One of mum's favourite groups was the Moody Blues.


Another hectic week here at Oapschat Towers. Sunday was a lovely day spent in Birmingham with James and Toni.


Computers are all very well when the internet works, when it does not, they are objects of great stress inducement!

Norman Hereford

My blog this week is written by Norman, not me! It is an account of his stay in Herefordshire. I hope you enjoy it!!

Easter bunny

Easter weekend and the weather is not exactly spring like is it! This week has been very busy and most enjoyable with Oapschat visitor. An article will be written by one of them so I am not going to spoil the fun, by telling you where we went!

Water blog

We all need to drink water to stay alive. The staff of life. I know that bread is always called the staff of life, but I heard the other day it is now water that is quoted as such. When and if I find a link, I will post it!

Margaret and me Exeter

Another hectic week at Oapschat Towers. I had a day with a difference on Wednesday. Instead of sitting at my desk typing away, with an ever intermittent Internet and many frustrations left, right and centre, I journeyed on a lot of trains!!

Blog pillows

I am an insomniac as I am sure many of you know, I bore a lot of my friends and family members frequently as nothing seems to work as regards the big sleep issue. How often does one change one's pillow? Is this part of the problem?

 My birthday

This week has seen me reach a big birthday and I have eaten lots of meals out at various places in England and Wales!!


Why am I excited? I am going to Snowdonia today, Llanberis to be exact. A birthday treat! Walking shoes, big brolly, waterproof coats, warm clothes. Oh and a nice bottle or two of red. Not forgetting that!


Photo copyright Brian O"Donaghue 2014

This week I have been learning some new songs for the choir that I sing with. The Helen Vereker Singers. We are performing in Sainsbury's Foyer this morning at 11am in aid of Hereford Carers Support .

 TIDY Blog

Busy week again and lots of writing, emailing and telephoning to try and encourage more people to like and join Oapschat ! I am going be more tidy in my paperwork domain!

percy plant

A busy week as usual here in the Oapschat house! The main hours have been taken up with making the website more accessible via FB and Twitter.


Another very busy week in the Oapschat household! No time to be bored!

Vera, Doris and me

What a busy week Oapschatters! A new feature on the website and a super meeting with two lovely friends that I have known since 1971!

Me on Exmouth beach

 A walk on the beach on Christmas Day and a walk around the sales at the end of December. Plus lots of walks in between!

Me blog wk 16

Where do the days go? Another hectic week gone by and Christmas looms ever closer!



This week I have been thinking about how a few happy hours in the company of friends and animals always cheers me up!


The first week of December heralds Advent Calendars and closely followed by the start of listening to Christmas Carols in many households, churches, community centres, shopping arcades and open air markets.

 me and supermarket

I've been looking for a good deal whatever that is. This week has been a bit nuisancy - is that a word?

Me with guitar

Another week has flown by and I have been out and about. Tuesday was a great day in Birmingham.



Hasn't it been a grey November week?! A ray of sunshine is appearing as I type this on Friday, but apart from this welcoming bright circle, it has been grey skies, rain, rain and more rain. However the gardens are still flowering aren't they?



Manuka Honey

Honey Honey, how you thrill me, according to Abba

hvs choir

After an absence of a few weeks, my weekly blog has returned. Do ray mi fa


As I type this, the rain is pouring down after a second night of thunderstorms. The gardens will be pleased to have a good soaking I am sure!


I have owned the same pair of sunglasses for five years. Then this week, they decided to break.




Another week has passed. Hope it has been good to you. My mother is still giving cause for concern, so a lot of time has been spent with nurses and medical professionals.

BUT, for some reason I have made the decision that I am determined to start playing my guitar again!

Week 6 already of my blog- where does the time go?

Only a short article this week. As you know, I have been to London to The Independent Happy Party.

How's your week been everyone? Excitement starting to mount in anticipation of my big event next Thursday! Train tickets bought, hotel booked. Dress,shoes and handbag bought. Posh hairdo Monday morning.

The Back Garden has had a make over this week! With the weather finally settling down after Tuesday's downpours, some planting has been taking place. New pots are at the ready, situated around the decking. Fuschias and Petunias are getting ready to bloom-I hope!