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Yvonne P

Seeing that dear Jan has posted a reprise of the article about our engagement, I thought perhaps it is a good time for an update.

Phil and I have now been married for 4 years. We tied the knot in the June after our engagement at Christmas.

These have been very eventful years and very happy ones.

Yvonne P

The hotel we stayed at in Italy, our first holiday abroad

We had a marriage rather than a wedding, at our age we didn't feel we needed a big fuss. It was a church ceremony and we only invited our witnesses and their partners. We also kept it fairly quiet where families were concerned but, not quiet enough. Our Rector phoned me to let me know that my daughter had contacted her and, bless her, she felt she just had to share the time and place...,

Seeing both my son and daughter in the church when we arrived did lead to a few tears, I was so pleased they wanted to be there to share with us.

We decided we needed to celebrate with all our family and friends so arranged a big party in August. It went so well, we were so pleased there were so many people who wanted to share our joy.

We quickly settled into a comfortable, loving life together and our love grew, day by day as if we had come home.

Yvonne P

Phil, my handsome husband

Phil was still busy with his music and was playing with several jazz bands and I enjoyed being there and getting to know the large group of friends he had and to learn more about the music, which I had always enjoyed.

Yvonne P

JB's Jazz Band

Phil was asked to join a band which played in a very enjoyable style, not the very old trad jazz but music that was so popular in the 40s. Fun music which brought back many memories for the older members of the audience.

Yvonne P

The beach at St Lucia

They became quite well known and were offered work with Saga holidays which was great as it meant travelling abroad with the tours.
We went to Spain, Germany ( a lovely cruise down the Rhine ), Holland, again cruising and the band built up quite a following so we were often with people we had got to know and the week away seemed to be one big party.

Yvonne P

Relaxing after a charity jazz concert in Colwall church

There were still plenty of gigs at home , some of them at the far ends of the country and I had to get used to cold knees at 2-3 in the morning from time to time. Thank goodness we could stay in bed in the mornings to catch-up with sleep!

Yvonne P

One of my paintings of the Lake District

In the meantime when I wasn't cavorting with the jazz bands, I joined a local choir. It was good but I found it difficult to get to all the rehearsals as we were out so much in the evenings that I had to give it up, just as well, I wasn't very good!

Yvonne P

My painting of a rose with dewdrops

I have enjoyed being a lady of leisure and have reorganised the garden somewhat, or at least, the gardeners. They are good chaps but not " real" gardeners and need to be told what to do. I have done some painting and even managed to get Phil to come on a watercolour course with me which, to his surprise, he thoroughly enjoyed.

We have had wonderful holidays, exploring new places and we tend to go on "adventures", days out, exploring National Trust places or just going where the wind takes us.

Unfortunately, my health has not been as good as I would like so I have had to get a mobility scooter which has proved a great success. We just put it in the car and I can get to places that I am unable to explore on foot. Phil has a job to keep up with me even though his legs are so long.

Yvonne P

Gorgeous grandson Shen

So, this is how our married life has been, full of laughs, fun, new experiences ( I have even been hot air ballooning)and so much love that just grows every day......but that is not the end of our joy, Phil has been presented, for the first time, with a Grandchild, a little boy named Shen. He is gorgeous and we have both fallen in love all over again.

Read about my unusual marriage proposal here.

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