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Adrienne Family

I loved watching the programme on BBC 2 recently (can't remember what it was called ) with the family of five who lived through the decades from 1900 to the present day, brought back many happy memories.

I did a quick search for the photographs I mentioned recently on Facebook and here are three I remembered having in the drawer.

The lead photo of a family group are my great aunts May, Katie and Gertie and great uncles Lawrence and George. My grandfather (my father's father) isn't on this picture but he was their other brother Hodgson. Gertie, holding the tennis racket, was the aunt we feared the most ha ha as she was the headmistress, and yes she used to have to do all the menial tasks in the school as she rose up the ranks, although she wasn't the one who shared that information with us. Auntie May was the story teller and shared all the tales with us when we stayed with them now and again in their huge four storey double fronted Georgian house in Tynemouth.

She gradually lost her sight and was unable to do her beloved painting, but she did some beautiful works of art on silk and glass before she had to put her brushes and paints away. Katie was the one who looked after household affairs and enjoyed baking in the stone floored kitchen. I recall helping now and again to roll pastry/biscuit dough using a huge stone rolling pin and tin cutters for the biscuits.

Adrienne grandparents

The above photo is of my great grandparents after returning from church one Sunday ---or so the story goes. They didn't have a garden around the house, as it was the first of a very long terrace of huge houses overlooking the mouth of the Tyne, but they did have a walled garden over the road where they had a summer house, greenhouse, sheds etc, and grew all their own vegetables, fruit and flowers. I remember picking rosie pink gooseberries to make pots of jam with Katie, and blackcurrants and soft fruits to make summer pudding, yummy. Fun times and never forgotten---wonder what today's children will hold in their memories Jan ?

Adrienne Granddad

The third picture is of my great grandfather looking rather dapper, as most business men did in those days--no jeans, tee shirts, open necked shirts, trainers etc etc eh what ! Its nice to be casual, but also good to be smart now and again isn't it Jan. I cannot understand all these young people who live in PJ's as they call them, and even some of the high street stores are presenting them as outdoor fashion wear now.

Dread to think what Auntie Gertie would have to say about that now !!!!!!!

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