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 Carol H daughter

Mum and big sister

Dear Little Boy

I am writing to you a couple of days before you are due to be born. You are going to enter the world and our lives and it is as if everything is 'on hold' awaiting your birth.

All we know of you right now is a blurry picture from an ultrasound and the odd ripple as you move around inside your mum. You clearly like a good kickabout, and you seem to enjoy it when your sister pours water on you in the bath.

This bodes well, we hope, for your future relationship with her

Your cot is upstairs all ready for you. There are tiny clothes in a drawer, and we have a special toy here to give you when we meet you for the first time. As you prepare to meet us, I look ahead to the life stretching in front of you, and I wish you wisdom to choose the right path, and courage to keep on it when the world will try to stop you or distract you.

Always be a leader, little boy, not a follower

Strike out for yourself and make your own decisions. Have the grace to forgive and the humility to admit when you are wrong. Cherish your family and friends and be loyal to those who love you. When you encounter them, look out for and protect those who are weaker, less able or do not have your strength of purpose.

Your big sister will be there for you, as in time you will be for her. Your family is your rock and your shelter, a strong tower of protection surrounding you. But for now, take your time. Choose your own moment to be born.

We will wait for you with our arms open wide, ready to welcome you into our lives.

With my love,


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