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Amandai Apples

When you have an apple tree in the garden there comes a point in the year when you have to deal with it! Some years there is only a limited amount of fruit but other years there is a massive crop!

This year we have an enormous amount to harvest and have given away bags and bags of apples to anyone who will take them! Of course, living in the country lots of other people have apple trees so they don’t want them - but we have managed to off load a fair few onto neighbours, friends and family.

Next we will be fobbing them off onto our BnB guests!

Amanda I apples

Blackberries glistening in the autumn sunshine

We designated one Saturday in early October to pick, core, peel, chop, slice, stew, bake, cook and freeze as many as we could! The day before this particular Saturday we headed out with bowls in hand to pick the last of the local blackberries. There is something very special about foraging for free food.

First off six apple and blackberry pies and one apple and blackberry crumble were assembled and baked ready for the freezer

Amanda I apples

Chutney -ready for Christmas!

The six jars of Christmas chutney we made looked lovely with their little gingham hats. Hopefully they will taste lovely too in a month or two.

Half way through our day the apple, cheese and walnut loaf came out of the AGA and whilst it was destined for the freezer it needed testing first - well it was lunch time after all. We decided to slice it up and freeze the slices individually for packed lunches when working or walking over the next few weeks.

Must bake another one soon!

The deep almond and apple pie with flaked almond topping was definitely rustic looking, but I have made it before, so I know that although it isn’t the prettiest pudding, it tastes good! And finally, we made lots of lovely apple sauce - a perennial favourite in our house, eaten with chicken, duck and pork with our Sunday roasts.

Amanda I Apples

Cooking apples galore!

After a cup of tea and a clean sweep of all the work surfaces, the washing up done and put away, we only had two more things to do - peel, core and slice a load of apples and pop them them into bags and into the freezer for using in the winter months for crumbles and pies and sauce. And finally, stick a load of apples through the juicer for some wonderfully refreshing apple juice to drink.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, after all that lot it will be weeks before a doctor comes anywhere near the place! And still the tree is loaded with fruit!

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Amanda Ingham
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Amanda lives in Hope under Dinmore and has a portfolio of jobs and interests. Her background is in corporate HR, but after leaving the corporate world Amanda took up creating Treasure Trails with her husband and she also really enjoys blog writing, a skill she is still developing.

Amanda has recently opened her west wing to guests visiting the area. The three double bedrooms are advertised on AirBnB and she is delighted at how well this fledging business is going.

When she isn’t flexing her entrepreneurial muscles, Amanda regularly walks with her local ramblers group and plays both social and competitive bridge. Between them, she and her husband David have four sons and a grandson who all live some distance away and she likes nothing more than when the family come and stay. Amanda was born and brought up in Kenya and is an enthusiastic traveller and she and her husband are working through a wish list of places to visit both at home and abroad.

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