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Yvonne P Ireland

Right, where was I ? Oh yes, the Ring of Kerry. I now know why all the tourists go there, it is totally breathtaking, we were lucky that it was a fine day, a bit cloudy and chilly but it didn't rain.

Yvonne P Ireland

Beautiful flowers

We travelled in an anti clockwise direction as we had been told about the island just off the end of the peninsular and it sounded worth a visit. The first TransAtlantic cable was laid down from this spot so I suppose it's about as close to America you can get without getting your feet wet.

We crossed on a little car ferry which didn't take many cars but the views were fantastic.We did a short tour of the little villages and wound our way around some very steep hills and eventually found ourselves at the road bridge back to the Ring.

By the time we got back to Loch Leine , where we were staying, it was getting close to dinner time and our host told us of a really good hotel down the road which served wonderful seafood.
We had the seafood platter which was scrummy and I have often wondered about oysters! Now I know, they really do taste like a mouthful of seawater !!!

Time to move on again. We had arranged to stay a couple of nights with my nephew who lives right down on the South West tip of Ireland. Like my husband he is a musician and had told us about a jazz festival that weekend in a small town called Ballydehob . Phil was really looking forward to that.

We set off next morning and took the road to David's home. We were still a distance away when a dreaded warning light came on the dash board. This had happened before at home and the car was looked at and given a clean bill of health from the Audi main dealer. What ever they did, it wasn't enough as further along the way, more lights flashed but we managed to limp to David's. By this time my husband was spitting feathers.

I don't know if many of you have been to Southern Ireland but let me warn you that if you go, you will find the phone system is rubbish and on top of that, it was a Bank Holiday weekend......Oh dear!!

Well, to cut a marathon story short, we had to get to Cork....about 3 hours away by car. David was an angel and drove us all the way there. We picked up a hire car and made sure the garage was going to retrieve ours and eventually fix it.

As I said it was a Bank Holiday so we had to change our ferry booking and arranged to stay another night in a delightful place called Ardmore.

They were very kind and really looked after us and it is in a lovely spot close to the sea.

The garage eventually informed us that they had found the trouble was a sensor which had to come from UK. It should be with them the next day. Big "but" here. Phil had a hospital appointment which he really couldn't miss so we couldn't stay until our car was ready. This meant bringing the hire car here and Phil has to go back to Ireland to return the hire car and pick ours up. A mere round trip of about 800 miles ! Which means another two nights over there.

Yvonne P Ireland

Lovely dining room

We spent our last night in the lovely B&B we started in and we were on the 9am ferry. Phil has some work commitments so can't return until Thursday. Please, Please let it all go well.

I know we have always enjoyed adventures but this one really was a step too far but, watch it Ireland, we will be back.

EDITOR: I am pleased to let members know that Phil did get his car back and 'normal' service has been restored in the Probert household!

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