hair products

The other morning we had a 9 o'clock appointment in Torrevieja, so it was an 'up-and-at-'em' start to the day.

A quick breakfast of muesli and fresh fruit (the ones I prepared earlier). No time today for checking the emails and various other distractions – straight into the bathroom.

Hastily assembling all the necessary pots and bottles and lining them up on the windowsill, I switched on the shower and soaked my hair. Grabbing the shampoo bottle, I plopped a dollop on top of my head and worked up the required lather. Rinsing thoroughly, as instructed, I then applied the conditioner. This part of the task completed, I then started the body showering part. No time for dawdling today – shower off - quick rub dry for the body and a towel round the head.

Hair dryer on to get hair prepped for 'espuma wet rizos' for 'curl power'. I bought this because as 'riz' rhymes with 'frizz' I thought it sounded just right for me. Applied and combed through then about five minutes styling with the brush. Almost done, a quick spray of lacquer followed by a swift coat of lipstick and that's it. Forty minutes start to finish – not bad!

Sitting in the car on the way to Torrevieja, I began to think about hair washing in 'the old days'. Do you remember when we bought a sachet of Bristow's Shampoo from the chemist, on the way home from work? We had out tea, washed our hair in the sink, put our rollers in and sat in front of the fire until it was dry. Combed it out and went to bed. The next week we did the same again.

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