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Morton Gray illness

Our society often seems to have become dependent on the medical profession. We increasingly expect to see a doctor with an ailment and come away with a prescription that will hopefully miraculously heal our condition. It has not always been so of course.

Recently I had a hysterectomy and had cause to use simple old-fashioned remedies to help me in my recovery. I am sharing them here in the hope they can help someone else.

After the operation and the need for several catheters, I was left with an irritated painful bladder and urinary system. Thankfully, I remembered my mother boiling up pearl barley and drinking the water for such a condition. It took my husband ages to find pearl barley in the supermarket, but it was stocked and he protested about preparing the drink, but it worked like a dream, soothing the inflammation very quickly and giving me much needed relief.

Morton Gray Illness

There are many recipes on the internet for pearl barley water, but the one we used was as follows.

Add 1 cup washed pearl barley grains and 5 cups water to a saucepan and boil for 20-25 minutes with the lid off. Strain and allow to cool. You can add flavourings to the cloudy water, but I just drink it. You can keep excess in the fridge for a short while if you cover it.

A few weeks on from the operation and I was on my fourth round of antibiotics for a wound infection. My friend and fellow author, Lynn Forth, suggested salt baths. Supermarkets even stock packs of sea salt alongside the bathing products.

Fingers crossed that this simple preparation is also solving the problem.

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