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cosyfeet copper insoles

If you or a loved-one suffer with Arthritis or joint pain then read on. Here's a clever solution that's worth considering. I've been reading up on Copper: a nutrient known to have anti-inflammatory properties in the body. Many people wear copper bracelets to help ease arthritis, but have you ever thought of wearing copper in your shoes?

How Does It Work?

Original Copper Heeler Insoles from Cosyfeet can be worn inside any footwear, with pure copper being absorbed through the feet, even when you're wearing socks. These clever insoles have been developed by top orthopaedic technicians to ease painful conditions such as arthritis and joint pain.
Copper is a vital element in the human body and worldwide studies indicate that a deficiency can cause rheumatic aches and pains. By wearing these insoles, copper can be absorbed through the skin and circulated throughout the body, even through socks or hosiery.

Professor Albert Singer, from the Whittington Hospital in North London, was so impressed by the ability of a pair of copper insoles to alleviate the pain of his arthritis that he set up a study of 230 fellow sufferers to test them further. Copper Heeler Insoles were given to volunteers, with 96% reporting improved symptoms.

Chiropodist Charles Goldman M.Inst.Ch P D. Ch.M. is also impressed: "I would definitely recommend The Original Copper Heeler®™ to anybody suffering from arthritis or joint pain. There have been unbelievable results from trials carried out on my patients."
You can barely feel these ultra thin, lightweight copper insoles once they're in your shoes, and it's remarkable to think that such a simple solution could be doing you so much good.

Original Copper Heeler insoles are available from Cosyfeet priced £30.00.

For more information see or call 01458 447275.

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