fit at 70

About six months ago, my husband, Colin, stunned me when he said he was finding it difficult to climb stairs. As we live on the first floor of an apartment block, I could see that this could be a problem – if not so great at the moment – certainly in the future.

We decided it would be a good idea to look for somewhere else to live now, rather than later.

We surfed the net and toured the estate agents and low and behold, we found a lovely little bungalow. Then the problems started – how much we could expect to get for our apartment, all the fees for Agents, Solicitors, moving expenses etc etc. The biggest problem for me was that I like living where we are and didn´t really want to move.
We didn´t get gazumpers lining up and offering us vast amounts of money for our place and my husband stunned me again when he said he didn´t want to move anyway, and we should tell the estate agent we didn´t want to sell!

Somewhere along the line, a little plan started to form. Mohammad and the mountains sprang to mind!

"What we need to do is get fitter, then we wouldn´t have a problem climbing the stairs. Let´s join a gym!" When he had stopped choking on his vino, and after reminding me, quite reasonsbly, that we were seventy, he had had three heart attacks, and a serious lung problem, he could see I was serious. "We could have a Personal Trainer." I said. Of course, that set him off again, and when he had calmed down and I was sure he wasn´t about to have a 'turn', I continued, "I´m sure I´ve seen an advert for the local gym, they´ve got a special offer on get a Personal Trainer."

The next day we went to suss it all out. Greatly impressed by the English speaking little Spanish Poppet who explained everything in detail, Colin agreed (a little too quickly I thought) that it seemed a great idea to join for three months and see how we got on. ´Little Poppet´ went off to get the Personal Trainer for a chat and a plan for getting fit.

That was four months ago and we are still going five times a week. We go when it first opens in the morning and usually stay about an hour. We are on nodding terms with most of the other early keep fitters, and always receive a wave from Little Poppet. Darren, our PT is always around and available for any help and advice.
I started on the running (walking in my case!) machine at No.1 and after twenty minutes had ten minutes on an exercise bike. I have now progressed (still walking!) to No.5 for forty minutes and then on to the bike and ´weights´. If I´ve got any energy left, I´m back to the walking.

Colin is doing great with the weights – he has now got muscles!

Me? I´ve lost my bingo wings!

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