I'm 65 soon, don't feel it and not bothered about it.

I've had a pretty crummy life so I'm not wasting this part of it hankering back 'to the good old days' because ... well really there weren't any, Depression, bad choices in men and other personal stuff over rode the odd good time. But... and that should be in capital letters, I hate losing my memory.

I have (had) two watches, a gold coloured one which I wore for best and a silver coloured every day one. I went on a bus trip with my friend and wore the gold one, came home, put it in the draw and went to take out the silver one...nothing. From that day to this, approximately 8 weeks I haven't seen my silver watch.

I was prescribed hearing aids in December. The audiologist game me a bag containing a hearing aid box, a nice box to carry spare batteries in, spare batteries, instruction book and a gadget to clean the hearing aids with. The only things I can find are the hearing aids and the two boxes.

All my cupboards and drawers have been emptied twice, once for the watch and once for the hearing aid items! I live alone in a small bungalow and rarely have visitors, where have these things gone???


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