Las Negras

How does one define spirituality? Not to be confused with spiritualism, spirituality may refer to almost any kind of blissful experience.

The older I become, the more I read about people having a "spiritual"holiday, maybe a yoga retreat in India, a meditation weekend in Devon, a one day de-stress seminar in a town or city. All of these events are designed to find inner peace and contentment.

Peace and tranquility

I can recall the first time I went on holiday with my family to a tiny fishing village called Las Negras in Southern Spain back in 1999. The road in was the road out. There was a beach bar literally yards from the water's edge. Small boats bobbed in the distance, some returning from a day's fishing. 

Las Negras

View from beach bar

The beaches in the area were totally unspoilt and rarely visited by tourists. This holiday was taken on the recommendation of a dearly departed friend who had bought a casa (house) in this village way back in the early seventies. She had been on a walking holiday with her husband the previous year and fell in love with the area and its tranquility and slow pace of life.

A spiritual experience is found by so many who visit this area

They both found it a spiritual experience and returned as often as they could for breaks to unwind from their stressful jobs. We hired out their casa for a two week break and immediately 'connected' with their opinions. It became our annual holiday for twelve years running.

Me in Las Negras

What more is needed?

I can honestly say that it is the only place I have visited in the world where I could totally switch off and live in "the moment" each day I was there. Total relaxation, enjoyment and recuperation. Perfect weather, a much slower pace of life and no urgency to get anything done. The villagers don't clock watch. Everything is "manana" (tomorrow). So as far as being spirituality uplifted, it was as near I have become.

In this rush, rush, mad, impatient, world, maybe this is what we should all aim for. Not necessarily two weeks in Spain, but to do something that we enjoy doing whenever we can. Be more kind to ourselves. We all deserve it.