Su B Violet

Spring has come tumbling in after the endless wind and rain, and lots of things are appearing all at once. New fresh goosegrass, nettle tops, chickweed in sheltered places. Sweet violets are still about, if you know where to look, and primroses are well under way.

All these things can go into a lively spring salad. They are traditional 'blood cleansers', helping to get things moving after the sluggishness of winter.

Whether it's a spring salad or a remedy for a skin problem, herbs can certainly help!

All the herbs above are old remedies for skin problems like eczema, and several help to clear bronchial congestion; both things that may need attention as we emerge from the cold and damp.

Respect the toll that winter takes on our bodies

In the days before central heating and draughtproofing, these early remedies could tip the balance between life and death; and still, this is the time of year when people die most often. Although we spend most of our lives indoors, and our houses are more or less warm and dry, we can't escape the effects of long nights, cold and wet weather, and we still need to respect the toll that winter takes.

So even if you've come through this one without a dose of flu or a bout of depression – not to mention being flooded out – you can always use a helping hand. 

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