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Everyone gets this sort of injury from time to time; you can turn your ankle just walking down the street, or pull a muscle turning around. Sometimes, if you can’t rest it or you don’t look after it, the injury becomes chronically inflamed. But there is a lot you can do to stop that from happening, and to help it heal as best it can.

We’ve all heard of the frozen pea treatment. It’s a cut-down version of the ice baths used (and dreaded!) by professional athletes after an event.

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Any pack of frozen veg will help

Nutrients and oxygen brought to the muscles will heal an injury quicker

They don’t do it for fun: the cold will cause all the capillaries in the area to contract, and this is followed by a surge of fresh blood which carries off the products of inflammation, and brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Any injury will heal faster after that. And there are gentler ways: a soak in a hot bath followed by a quick cold splash will help as well.

Why not add some essential oils such as cinnamon, juniper, myrtle or lavender?

To make it even more effective, follow the hot-and-cold treatment with some essential oils like cinnamon, juniper, myrtle or lavender. They all promote circulation, ease spasm and soothe inflammation. And it works on chronic problems too, or conditions like repetitive strain injury.

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