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I’ve had a series of patients lately who are going through big transitions: moving house, changing jobs, ending a marriage. Even if the change is a positive one, it is a stressful business; and too many changes at once can be paralysing.

Even the strongest among us can benefit from some support – and I don’t mean black coffee and cigarettes.

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If you do rely on stimulants to keep you going, there’s all the more reason to balance them with some solid ‘food’ for your nervous system. Herbs like Oat straw, Vervain and Withania will keep you strong and resilient, without stopping you sleeping

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And if you need something to calm anxiety, try Hops, Valerian or Scullcap, combined with lovely aromatics like Chamomile, Limeflowers or Lavender. 

Then, when you need a big push, the more stimulating herbs like Siberian or Korean ginseng can give you a burst of energy to see you through.

With luck, you won’t end up exhausted afterwards, and then you’ll be ready to meet the new challenges that come your way.