Su B Meds

Lots of persistent coughs and colds around in the last few weeks. The mild weather and the looming threat of Christmas is a tough combination, it seems.

So what can you do to see them off before the festive season really gets under way? One thing is a ‘pre-tox’. Rather than waiting until after Christmas to punish yourself for over-indulging, give your body a treat now. Have a few days free of dairy products, and make a big pot of vegetable soup, or a root vegetable stew with chicken.

It will wake up your immune system, give your sinuses a welcome break from all that sticky food, and your digestion will thank you for it as well

Add to that some cleansing herbs, and you’ll be well on the way back to health. Choose what fits your particular symptoms: for sore throats and tickly coughs, try Elderflowers, Mullein, Sweet Violet, Sage or Myrrh. For bronchitis and chest infections, lots of Thyme, Angelica, Horehound, Liquorice or Elecampane. To kill off bugs and help prevent colds and flu, herbs like Calendula, Echinacea, Andrographis, Neem or Thyme – again – will be your allies. And for solid support with stress and too-much-to-do syndrome, take Vervain, Oat Straw, Scullcap, Limeflowers or St Johns Wort.

The combination that works best for you will depend on your symptoms, your constitution and circumstances, but any of these will help.

EDITOR: The links to the herbs on various websites above are for information only. Su can be contacted via her website and can advise and offer treatment.