Tina B Med

Okay we are about to do a guided meditation, so find somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit or lie, where you can relax without disturbance.
When you're settled, take three slow deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth...

...now relax and breathe normally.

Don't worry about your racing or jumbled thoughts, these will fade as you concentrate on the visions I'll be giving you. Now, I'd like you to close your eyes, and imagine you are walking barefoot in a meadow on a summer's day. You can feel the warm sun on your bare skin, and the soft springy grass under your feet.

Take your time to walk along, just enjoy being out in the sun. Look around you as you stroll, and notice the wild flowers in the meadow grass. The daisies, buttercups, wild poppies and pink clover flowers. You decide to stop for a while, so you sit cross legged in the grass and pick some daisies which you start making into a chain.

Tina Burton med

A peaceful scene

As you sit there you become aware of the nature all around you. There's a bumble bee buzzing around the flowers, the sound of birdsong in the nearby trees, and a powder blue butterfly flits from flower to flower. You turn your face up to the sun, feeling its warmth seep through your skin, and you sit there in peace, with your eyes closed, just enjoying this time that you have to yourself.

After a few moments, you return to the daisy chain. You finish it and attach the ends into a circle, which you then place on your head. You stand up, intending to walk a bit further, and as you do, you spot something dart away in front of you. It looked like a large dragonfly. You start to walk, enjoying the slight breeze that is playing around you, and the cool grass beneath your feet.

Tina B med

Red and white toadstools

You come to a clearing that has a little copse of trees off to the left, with a circle of red and white toadstools in the centre of the clearing. You spot the dragonfly sitting on one of the toadstools, and for some reason you feel drawn to it. You slowly walk closer, trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb it, and to your surprise, you see it's not a dragonfly, but a beautiful young female fairy. She has golden hair tumbling down her back and delicate silvery wings. She smiles and beckons you closer.

You approach and she puts a finger to her lips and motions for you to sit down. You oblige and watch in fascination as more fairies fly out of the copse and land on the toadstools. They are laughing and chattering, seemingly unaware of you sitting there. When every toadstool is occupied, the fairies stand up and hold hands, then start to dance and the area is filled with the sound of faint tinkling music.

The fairies don't seem to mind your presence, and you feel honoured to be witnessing their joyful dance. They move round and round, faster and faster, laughing delightedly as the music builds, then with a crescendo of bells, they all fly into the air and head back into the copse. The golden haired fairy blows you a kiss before waving and following her fae folk into the trees.

You slowly stand, filled with a sense of gratitude and wonderment at what you've just witnessed and you realise this is a truly magical place. A beautiful feeling of complete contentment, peace and love surrounds you, wrapping you in its energy, making you feel protected and as one with the universe.

Tina B med


You turn and make your way back, feeling and seeing everything around you as if you've been let into the world for the first time and it's all bright and new.

The grass looks greener, the colours of the flowers seem more vivid and the birdsong is sweeter. You walk, knowing that you'll come back to this magical place. Whenever you need some special time to yourself, where you can relax and be at peace with nature, this will be your own personal haven.

Now, when you are ready, return to your present, and slowly open your eyes.

Guided meditation videos are really good. You don't have to do any of the work, you just relax and listen to one yourself. Below is a link to one.


EDITOR: If you live on your own, maybe you can ask a friend or a neighbour to read this piece to you as you meditate. If you are able to record this yourself, then it will be available whenever you wish to listen.

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