High blood pressure is one of those things that you couldn’t know about until reliable ways to measure it came along.

Antibiotics and herbs

Patients sometimes ring me up to say, ‘I had to take antibiotics for my bronchitis/cystitis/infection of some sort, so I stopped taking the herbs for a while.’

Su B

It’s the season for coughs, colds and chest infections. If you know you’re likely to succumb, there’s plenty you can do to make them as mild as possible, or even avoid them altogether.

Su B Mood Food

We’ve known for a long time that processed foods high in fat and sugar make it harder for children to concentrate at school. When children with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity or simply behavioural problems are put on a vegetable-rich diet, they calm down.

 Oregano Su B

Oregano has hit the headlines as a possible cure for high blood pressure, and it’s being recommended that you substitute it for salt in cooking. But before you rush out to buy some, there are a few things you might be interested to know.