Harvest Su B

So you’ve come home with a basket full of berries, or roots, or fungi. What do you do with them? Unless you’re going to use them straight away (see ‘Making herb teas’), you’ll need to preserve them somehow.

Tuscany Su B

Last day in Tuscany today. Even now in mid October, there are plenty of herbs still in flower: thyme and marjoram, oregano and rosemary grow at the side of every path.


It’s a time of transition, when we’re more vulnerable to colds and other acute infections, and old problems tend to resurface.

Cosyfeet Swanage

Swanage Disabled Club is the proud winner of this year’s Cosyfeet Community Award. The charity has won £500 to enable it to rent a beach hut on the sea front for a fortnight next summer, coinciding with the Swanage Carnival and Regatta.

Ginger Su B

You’ve probably heard of ginger in various different contexts, apart from its role – often together with garlic – in various curry recipes.