It felt like the longest winter ever: week after week of chill, driving rain, flood warnings and gloom. So the start of Spring sunshine this month has really been something to celebrate. Dandelions have sprung out of the verges, and fruit trees are fat with blossom.

Four years ago I decided I needed to do something to ease the loneliness of my retirement. I began working one morning a week at a charity shop which soon increased to 2 or 3 Saturday mornings a month as well.

Beautonics Hereford

There is an oasis of peace not far from where I live. It is a Complimentary Therapy and Natural Beauty Centre called Beautonics in Old Eign Hill, Hereford owned by Wendy Mills. Wendy has very kindly agreed to be my guest today and answer some questions. 

Linda Mitchelmore

Hello, my name's Linda and I am not a team player.

Tottie Limejuice Family Dinner

As birthday presents go, a diagnosis of coeliac disease was not top of my wish-list for my 60th.