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Another week has passed. Hope it has been good to you. My mother is still giving cause for concern, so a lot of time has been spent with nurses and medical professionals.

BUT, for some reason I have made the decision that I am determined to start playing my guitar again!

I have set aside thirty minutes each evening to do just that. I started learning to play basic chords when I was just ten years old. However when I first took up playing a musical instrument at the age of nine, it was a melodica ! I thought this "portable keyboard" was wonderful-does anyone remember them?

After a holiday in Spain, I came back on the aeroplane with a Spanish guitar. I honestly cannot remember where it was stowed, or how I arrived back home with it, but I did! Lessons followed with a guitar teacher and many chords learnt, followed by learning to play whole tunes. Tom Paxton was a favourite, as was Simon and Garfunkel. A friend and I used to go around our neighbourhood, she would be singing, I would be playing. We gave renditions on their doorsteps and earned sweets for our efforts! This guitar is no longer playable. I was given a new guitar by my family a few years ago, but it hasn't been used very much until now.

This week, I have been reliving and re-enacting my past playing "skills". I am even teaching myself bar chords!! I refuse to sing when anyone else is present! However, my lovely neighbour told me on Wednesday that she can hear me when their TV is not on. I was mortified! But, no, she said they enjoy it. (aren't people kind).

I am now toying with the idea of taking my guitar up to my mothers' house during the day and maybe she and I can have a sing song. Should I learn some Vera Lynn maybe or The Inkspots?????

Have a good week everyone, why don't you rekindle an old hobby and send me an email to say what it is. There may be makings of an article here!!