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I have owned the same pair of sunglasses for five years. Then this week, they decided to break.

Well ok, I dropped them and then trod on them.... So I thought an easy trip to a well known High Street chemist would find me a new pair in no time at all.

Goodness me. The range! The colours! Designer labels! Mens, ladies, unisex! The UVA this, the UVA that, Polaroid, and most importantly the price!! So many to choose from and what a difference in prices.I thought I would be in and out in ten minutes. Forty five minutes later and £30 lighter, I emerged with my new pair of sunglasses. Then I found this link on the internet when I arrived home and am wondering that maybe I have paid too much...

What do you think? But if they last five years, that's the equivalent of £6 per year, so I'm ok with that. Oh, and of course, providing the UK will keep the sun shining. It's doing a pretty good job these last few weeks isn't it.

Have a good week everyone. See you next Saturday. (Don't break your sunglasses)