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As I type this, the rain is pouring down after a second night of thunderstorms. The gardens will be pleased to have a good soaking I am sure!

I have been on the look out for "bargains" this week and I have to say the word is a myth. The supermarkets are the biggest culprits still, followed by mobile phone deals and energy providers.  Oh and I nearly forgot, home buildings and contents insurance. I have received leaflets through the post nearly every day this week informing me that if I switch, buy in the next ten days, pay by direct debit, pay in advance etc etc I will be "getting a bargain". No I won't!

I spent forty minutes on the phone the other day trying to obtain a "bargain" on my home insurance. I admit I managed to obtain £40 from the asking price of the renewal, but I could have had the same price on line from a different company and completed my transaction in half the time. But I wanted to remain "loyal" to my present company.

I love Pringles. But I don't love their rip off prices. One major supermarket is selling the tubs at £2.46 on a buy one, get one free offer. The last time I bought a single tub from my local shop it was £1.12p. And this was only three weeks ago. So that is a huge profit margin, don't you think?

If anyone has the time or inclination to spend hours sourcing "bargains", I'm sure they may well find a few genuine ones. But I do not. Please can we buy our products and services at a reasonable price? I doubt it. The term "rip off Britain" springs to mind once more.

There, rant over Oapschatters! I need to defrost my mother's freezer. See you all next Saturday!