hvs choir

After an absence of a few weeks, my weekly blog has returned. Do ray mi fa

When I met up with Norman and Terri last week, they both pursuaded me to return to the choir I belong to. After a six month sabbatical, the time seemed right.

I was warmly welcomed by good friends and our illustrious leader, Helen Vereker, was as ebullient as ever!  A bit, (ok, a lot) rusty, I began to sing the chosen songs, some new ones I did not know, some I had not forgotten. Soon the serotonin levels began to rise and I was back in the "swing" of it! An article I wrote about the power of singing is correct you know, one does feel BETTER after a good sing song!

Homework to do now though by next Monday, Mr Tambourine Man. Thank goodness I know the words, listen Bob Dylan and The Byrds, you ain't heard nothing yet!!  I have not got a clue about the harmonies, ( I am in the low harmony group) so a good listen to Helen's directions on her website tutorials is needed.

At the moment the sun is shining so I am humming "Here comes the sun." Looks like the singing bug has returned!

Have a good week all.

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