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Manuka Honey

Honey Honey, how you thrill me, according to Abba

I've been looking into honey prducts this week, Manuka honey to be precise. All these medical claims for this product. As I am edging nearer my 60th birthday, niggly aches and pains are creeping in, tum doesn't always behave etc etc, so I bought a small jar. It's NOT CHEAP!

I have taken a desert spoonful twice a day all this week.  

There are so many different types to choose from. Why all the different numbers on the jars trying to confuse us? I'm told the higher the number, the higher the potency and greater benefits will be obtained. I wonder. But I am going to treat myself to another jar of the same potency and see if I feel any benefit.


'May support your body and immune system and help deal with the everyday stresses and keep up energy levels'

My energy levels could do with a boost lately!

I do know that my late mother was troubled for months with leg ulcers and Manuka honey did help in 2013. Infact it was the ONLY product that helped and healed the ulcers. Unfortunately when the ulcers returned with a vengeance this year, it did not work its magic. But I think had we started the honey earlier, it may have well done the trick.

So here goes, another week of my trial, I'm hoping it won't rot my teeth!

Have a good week everyone!

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