Hasn't it been a grey November week?! A ray of sunshine is appearing as I type this on Friday, but apart from this welcoming bright circle, it has been grey skies, rain, rain and more rain. However the gardens are still flowering aren't they?

I took these pictures on Thursday whilst dodging the showers.  

I started to have a tidy up, dead heading flowers, trimming branches, snipping stalks in pots. The flowers I swear were pleading with me to leave them be! Yellow pansies still bloom, the hydrangea bush is looking withered but not lost all of its colours yet. Some fuschias have been taken into the shed to escape the frost, but not the hardy ones. The lawn still needs mowing. Such a mild autumn we are having. 



Yellow Flowering Pansy


Pink Fuschia

 Chris flowers

My Neighbour's Flower Bed Still Giving A Glorious Show.  

I'm not ready for winter yet.  Then I spy a headline over lunch in one of the tabloids. There is talk of impending snow for MONTHS.  I don't want to believe these predictions. The papers have been wrong before, I don't like all this scaremongering do you?

Infact I am just going to go for a walk and admire other people's front gardens in all their glory. It doesn't feel like November does it, more like the end of September.

Will I be eating my words next week and trying to dig my way out of the drive? I certainly hope not!

Have a good week everyone.

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