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 me and supermarket

I've been looking for a good deal whatever that is. This week has been a bit nuisancy - is that a word?

"What is a good deal?"

I have been ringing around various insurance companies trying to find a good DEAL. What is a good DEAL? I have received my annual renewal. It has gone up by pounds and pounds. I ring my insurance company. There is no way they can reduce the premium, sorry. So I say, I will come back to them later. I then spend TWO hours online and fill in my name and address endless times, do I really need a meerkat? a £10 high street voucher, a pen, even a month's free health insurance? NO. I would like a properly priced renewal for the next twelve months PLEASE.

Jan angry! blog

Yours Truly, getting a bit annoyed!!

I now have five companies book marked. I ring back my present insurer and quote all these companies excesses, premiums, legal fees, etc etc and give them the lowest quote. The operator comes back after a three minute hold and beats the quote by ONE PENNY. I said, "why couldn't you have done this when I first telephoned?" She said her aim was to get the best DEAL for the customer and this is it. So not an answer to my question at all, but a result for me, albeit time wasted.

On Tuesday I went to a well known supermarket, they have some great DEALS on this week. But are they? Toilet rolls, a four pack is £1.99 on offer from £2.49. A nine pack is £3.99 which is not showing as an offer. People are grabbing two four packs. I picked up a nine pack. Who has the better DEAL? Porridge Oats sachets, half price £1.22, but only the one variety, why not all the varieties?

Moving on to one of the many £1 shops of which there are quite a few. The £1 signs scream at you in big numbers and exclamation marks, but a lot of the pack sizes are smaller than the pack sizes you can buy for a few pence more at other shops. Chocolate is a main culprit.

There, rant over. Have a good week everyone. See you next Saturday! Oh and I still haven't started my Christmas shopping! Must go and look for some good DEALS!

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