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The first week of December heralds Advent Calendars and closely followed by the start of listening to Christmas Carols in many households, churches, community centres, shopping arcades and open air markets.

So this week, I am finally getting into the spirit of the festive season. People are humming along to "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" as they go about their daily tasks and thinking about the meaning of Christmas maybe. The department stores are playing Christmas "pop" songs which don't quite resonate the same way as traditional Carols in my opinion, but nevertheless are only played at this time of year.

I am in a local choir, and we were practising Christmas Carols this week, ready to perform at two venues this month. So I have been learning my harmonies and hoping I am in "key!"

choir blog

Some of my friendly choir members

To think that when we sing Good King Wenceslas, people were doing this in the Middle Ages and probably were having as much enjoyment singing then as we in the choir are now.

My favourite carol is In The Bleak Mid Winter, closely followed by Silent Night and Away In A Manger. The latter always brings back memories of school nativity plays and the children with such angelic faces putting their hearts and souls into every word. I can still visualise my two sons in the early eighties performing at their Primary school. Parents wiping away a tear as they looked proudly at their offspring.

Religious or not, I think that most of us enjoy hearing and singing Christmas Carols, don't you? 

Have a good week everyone, see you next Saturday!


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