Me blog wk 16

Where do the days go? Another hectic week gone by and Christmas looms ever closer!

On Sunday I was in Exmouth with my sister and my youngest son enjoying a rather delicious lunch in The Posh Nosh cafe situated in The Pavilion, Exmouth. All too soon, I was back in Hereford after a good journey.


Christmas Card

I have written my Christmas cards!  I am so pleased! This time last week, I hadn't even bought one, so I'm feeling pretty chuffed that this is one task I have completed. Oh, there is the posting and delivering of the said written cards to be done. That will be next Monday or Tuesday hopefully......

On Monday I was telephoned by local radio station BBC Hereford and Worcester and asked if I would give another interview. This time about my Independent award back in June and the impending loneliness for some people at Christmas. I hadn't time to prepare for what I was going to say, so it was all rather rushed, but suffice to say that I think it comes across ok. I said that would be open for business on Christmas Day. My dear sister picked up on that remark and reminded me that at some point I would be peeling potatoes, so if I don't reply to you straight away, the potatoes are to blame, OK!

Eldest son and fiance are on their way for the weekend and I am now tootling off to make a steak casserole. Halo shining brightly as home cooking always makes them both smile and pass compliments.

Have a good week everyone and baton down the hatches!