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This week I have been thinking about how a few happy hours in the company of friends and animals always cheers me up!

Last Tuesday was a "catch up" between two friends of long standing, thirty five plus years, so we all know each other inside and out!

We don't meet up as often as we should, but I'm sure that is true of the majority of people these days. Busy lives get in the way and time marches relentlessly on. We enjoyed a lovely lunch as always and made a promise to each other of more regular encounters in 2018.


Wyn and Pam

Last month I was a met up with a good friend I see about three times a year. Our friendship is one where we just resume our last conversation, relaxed and at ease with each other. She is now a proud grandmother of a handsome little boy and I listened to her joyful tales of the last few months in the company of this new arrival. I am not a grandmother, (yet!) so I hope to be able to "understand" her delight in holding, playing with and babysitting this little boy one day in the future.


Biker (Boss)

Back in December 2016, there was a memorable visit to a couple of friends I used to see quite often for afternoon tea. Two cats would always greet me at the door and loved to be fussed over endlessly. My one friend said she had a 'surprise' for me. Disappearing for a few minutes, she came back into her lounge with a gorgeous bundle of fur, the latest addition to her family of cats. Only nine weeks old and still a bit nervous, Willow nevertheless was soon comfortable and chasing an old piece of newspaper around the carpet, purring away like a steam engine! Isn't he delightful!


Willow in 2016

Wyn and Pam still live in Herefordshire and we are meeting again this month. I worked with both of them in a local veterinary practice back in the late 70's/80's and we have remained firm friends ever since. 

Two of my other friends have now moved away from Hereford, two of her cats have sadly died, but we still keep in touch by email.

My friend who is a grandmother has a very busy life now looking after her grandchild during the days when her daughter and son in law work and loves every minute of it. She admits though that it is great to come back home and flop on the sofa to regain her energy!

Another dear friend has just lost her sister and is going through a period of sadness and grief. She said she would be lost without her wonderful friends. 

I still meet up with school friends from over 50 years ago three to four times a year. This usually involves lots of reminiscing!


Mr Larkin

Some of us are lucky enough to have great neighbours who have become true friends. I count myself in this bracket. (My canine buddy - see above!)

Friendships are SO important aren't they? I am very lucky to have all my choir and OAPSchatter friends too, plus many 'online' Twitter and FB friends, so I feel very blessed. Where would we be without our friends?

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