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Me on Exmouth beach

 A walk on the beach on Christmas Day and a walk around the sales at the end of December. Plus lots of walks in between!

Christmas Day morning involved a walk on the beach in Exmouth to watch the annual swim. It was wet for a time and decidely not swimming in the sea weather!!

Exmouth beach Xmas Day

Making our way to the sea front

My two nieces took part but declined to be photographed. Lots of people were happy to be seen running into the icy sea in various forms of silly dress and some hardy souls in just their bathers, brhh!!

Exmouth beach xmas day

Coming out after a quick brave dip!

Here's a quick video of our day at the beach!

  A lot of fun was had by all. I could not get close enough to take photos of the actual swim. There are however some pics here.

Xmas Day Tripod

This is one way to get some good shots, what a tripod eh?

The other days this week I have been out walking for an hour every day. And walking away from the computer screen. This isn't a New Year's resolution as I enjoy walking, but the website has rather taken over for the last twelve months.

Me with boots

New boots!

I don't really like shopping, but it was a day out on December 30th to meet my eldest son and buy some boots, a cardigan, a posh scarf and an organiser.

Me with sale items

Scarf and Filofax 2015 style.

I seem to have endless bits of paper scattered around my computer, so I decided 2015 is to be the year I am more ORGANISED. And a lovely time was had catching up with James.

Oops, look at the time, "walkies!!"

My County is listed in 100 Greatest Walks in Britain (Country Walking). I would love to try out some more this year!

Have a good week everyone. See you next Saturday.

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