Vera, Doris and me

What a busy week Oapschatters! A new feature on the website and a super meeting with two lovely friends that I have known since 1971!

Some Exciting Additions to Oapschat!

Since Monday, I have been setting up and opening the Oapschat Store on the website! It's finally been launched and I am very excited that people can now buy recommended items direct from the page, thereby ensuring the continuation of Oapschat. Maybe you own a bargain you have recently purchased that you can share with us?

oapschat store


Meeting Up With Old Friends

I met up with two great workmates yesterday. I have not seen Vera and Doris for almost three years due to various personal commitments etc. We spent nearly six hours drinking tea, eating a super lunch in Frankie and Bennys, drinking more tea and a spot of shopping in between.

Vera and me

Vera and I saying "cheese!"

Vera and Doris

Yours truly and Doris - one of my mentors at the bank I used to work for

Isn't it great when one has friends that can chat endlessly as if they have seen each other only the day before? We all used to work  together in The Midland Bank as it was then called in the seventies and Doris taught me many skills which I hope I still put to good use today. I had a great holiday with Vera when I was just 17!  Many happy memories were spoken about today and we really are going to meet up more often from now on.

Have a great week everyone, see you next Saturday!