Another very busy week in the Oapschat household! No time to be bored!

A great, productive week! 

Monday was my usual choir night, but this week, a member of Oapschat, Stella Jeenes had won a prize in my raffle and she intended to demonstrate her prize at choir practice! Much jollity was had and along with the singing, serotonin levels were well and truly raised!


Stella having fun!

Tuesday evening saw me taking photos in my local pub for the article I wrote yesterday. One of the men playing cards tried to teach me the rules of Crib. Needless to say, I am none the wiser today how it is played, but they all seemed to be having a great time "gambling" with their 20 pence pieces. Many peals of laughter this evening too.

Rose and crown crib

Enjoying a game of Crib

On Wednesday I called to see a friend who had acquired a new kitten just before Christmas. Willow is now much more confident and not so nervous. He attempted to chew my shoe buckle and when bored with that proceeded to try and dismantle Biker's tail. Biker is the "head" cat in this household of three charming felines. I wondered if Biker minded Willow sinking his kitten teeth into his tail, but apparently not. Biker played along and it was such a happy scene to watch.

Willow and Biker

Getting ready to pounce again!!

Thursday and Friday were very busy days in the Oapschat office, well ok, I don't have an an office, my desk in my lounge. Lots of new articles are waiting to be edited, some written by me and some from lovely contributors.

Today, Saturday, Derek and I are off to Southampton to meet Norman and Terri again and visit Derek's brother. That will be the mainstay of next week's blog.

Have a good week everyone and stay warm and well!