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percy plant

A busy week as usual here in the Oapschat house! The main hours have been taken up with making the website more accessible via FB and Twitter.

My youngest son has spent many hours Face Timing me and it all works fine now. Hurrah, a great result!

No arguments!

I bought an item from a well known store on Wednesday and it was faulty. I returned the item on Thursday expecting a long, drawn out conversation explaining the whys and wherefores but no, a straightforward experience and a replacement gladly given. A good result!

I usually dread the dentist!

I went to the dentist yesterday, always a dreaded event, expecting to be told a new crown was required, a filling needed replacing, an expensive mouthwash advised. No, none of those. Just a check up and not to come back for 9 months. A positive result!


New life emerging

My lovely neighbour bought me Percy Owl for Christmas and he came adorned with some primroses in their very early stages in December. They have been very slow to grow and suddenly this morning, they are in full bloom.

Spring is on its way!

Aren't they glorious! I thought I had perhaps inadvertently not looked after them properly and nature being what it is has struggled through rain, hail, snow, wind and is now showing its fabulous spring colours. A happy result!

Have a good week everyone.

See you next Saturday!

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