Busy week again and lots of writing, emailing and telephoning to try and encourage more people to like and join Oapschat ! I am going be more tidy in my paperwork domain!

Tidiness- given to keeping things clean and in order. So it is defined in The Free Dictionary. I TRY hard every day and it just does NOT work! I am a control freak by nature in other departments of my life. Always early for appointments, a stickler for time, have my clothes neatly folded and a strict routine in housework duties etc.

Tidy blog


But now that I am sat at a computer desk for many hours a day, I just cannot seem to arrange my notebooks, files, pens etc etc. I write everything down on paper and then sometimes forget which piece of paper I have written it on! I have an older sister as many of you know and she is INCREDIBLY well organised.

So, today as you can see from the below photo, I really AM going to try harder.

Tidy blog


Maybe I should invest in a computer desk combined with shelves? I have bought a Filofax and am using it, so that's a start. Answers welcome please!

Have a good week! See you next Saturday.

N.B Look carefully and you will see some great novels on my bookcase!!

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