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Photo copyright Brian O"Donaghue 2014

This week I have been learning some new songs for the choir that I sing with. The Helen Vereker Singers. We are performing in Sainsbury's Foyer this morning at 11am in aid of Hereford Carers Support .

By the time you read this, I will be soon be standing there in my "black and bling" with pre-stage nerves!

We sing without song sheets at performances and isn't it strange how your brain goes blank at trying to remember words of songs that you have known for years? I am the "Low" section and generally do "harmonies".

So I have been practising "California Dreaming" and thinking of many times past when "Those Were The Days". Also included are the songs "Top Of The World" which I hope we can get the audience singing along with and old favourites such as "Sweet Talking Guy" and "Doo Ron Ron".

At the moment I have "This Is The Life" playing, one that I find quite difficult to learn. "Hallelujah" is always a crowd winner and I am confident enough with my part in this.

Below is our set list, if you know the tunes, why not pretend you are with us and sing along too? Here is one for you to try!

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This Is The Life!

California Dreaming

Those Were The Days

Top Of The World

Sweet Talking Guy

Country Roads

1000 Years

You'll Be In My Heart

All That Jazz

This Is The Life

Doo Ron Ron

Dance With Me Tonight

Learn To Love Again


Have a good week. See you next Saturday!