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I am an insomniac as I am sure many of you know, I bore a lot of my friends and family members frequently as nothing seems to work as regards the big sleep issue. How often does one change one's pillow? Is this part of the problem?

My current pillow is a memory one, £20 from a well known store. I have had it for just over two years. Should I buy a more expensive one? Or a cheaper one?

Should I be using one or two pillows?

This statement  from The Huffington Post says "The survey, which polled almost 2,200 adults, found that 82% of people do not know how often to replace their pillows and duvet."

Then, there is The Daily mail article which contains the following:-
"According to the Sleep Council, pillows should be replaced every two years and duvets should be thrown away after five years."

Or this piece in The Guardian :-

"How much thought do you give to the cushion that supports your head and neck? Not a lot, according to a survey from pillow manufacturers Ergoflex. Out of 2,200 men and women, only 18% knew they should replace their pillows every two years. The average person uses the same pillow for three years and two months".

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All different sizes and fillings!

So off I went to my local Dunelm to look for new pillows. I have just come home without buying ANY. There are 60 to choose from!! Ranging from £5 - £99! I am going back tomorrow to definitely buy one from their extensive range.

Can you help me decide OAPSchatters??

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