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We all need to drink water to stay alive. The staff of life. I know that bread is always called the staff of life, but I heard the other day it is now water that is quoted as such. When and if I find a link, I will post it!

Anyway, why am I talking about water this week? I have been out and about to various appointments  over the last seven days and, well, every time I go out I have a bottle of water with me. Like thousands, millions of people probably, I am a culprit for bottled water. I know it is wrong. And the following paragraphs explain why.


Trusty Buxton water bottle

An article called The waste of plastic explains. Here is an extract.

The increasing demand for bottled water has had a heavy and unnecessary impact on our environment in recent years, worsening the climate crisis and exacerbating resource scarcity that contributes to the global food crisis.

So why's it so bad? Well for every gallon of water that goes into plastic bottles, two gallons of water are wasted during production. Multinationals take over public water supplies, leaving famers without enough water to grow their crops. And only 1 in 5 plastic bottles are actually recycled: the rest end up littering the environment, harming wildlife, or is dumped in countries like India and China.

Then another quote from an excellent website

"More than 25% of bottled water comes from a municipal water supply, the same place that tap water comes from."

And finally this

America is now drinking more bottled water than milk or beer.

The U.S. drank 9 billion gallons of bottled water in 2008, at an average of 30 gallons per person.

In California, tap water costs around one tenth of a cent per gallon, while bottled water is 0.90 cents a gallon.

That makes tap water 560 times less expensive than bottled water.


My new Brita water filter jug

So now after reading  all of the above, I feel very guilty and I have bought a water filter jug. This cost me £9.99 and the pack of four filters which each last a month cost £20. So that's £30 for four months water. When you think that you can spend between 50p and anything up to £3.50 for a 1litre bottle in a shop or a Service Station, this is good value.

Why don't I just turn the tap on?

My reply is that tap water does not taste the same once you leave it standing in a cup, or a bottle. It is fine for around twenty minutes then has an after taste. Maybe it is jut the area where I live, perhaps other people do not agree with me.

Oh and just before I go, what exactly is 'value' water that supermarkets sell?

Have a good week everyone, see you next Saturday!

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