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Easter bunny

Easter weekend and the weather is not exactly spring like is it! This week has been very busy and most enjoyable with Oapschat visitor. An article will be written by one of them so I am not going to spoil the fun, by telling you where we went!

Derek and I went to a garden centre yesterday and chose some bedding plants and a standard rose which will be planted in my front garden in memory of mum.

So it is mainly a picture 'Blog" this week with some of the varied and pretty flowers we saw yesterday.

Derek and flowersDerek looking at roses

 Lovely Viola bedding plants

All types of Violas


    Pretty Arabis

Derek and trolley ready to go!

   How many more are we buying??

 Standard rose chosen in memory of mum

The standard rose I have bought in memory of mum


Lots of heatherAll types of heather


Lovely Anenomes



Upright Geraniums


My good friend and contributor, Kathy Rollinson sent me this photo. It arrived too late for the April edition of the newsletter. This flower evidently attracts bees and dragonflies.

Does anyone know the name ? 

When my new bedding plants and rose come into bloom, I will share the photos with you all.

Have a good week. See you next Saturday! 

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