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Norman Hereford

My blog this week is written by Norman, not me! It is an account of his stay in Herefordshire. I hope you enjoy it!!

My story started one miserable, dank and wet day in February.It was pouring down with rain, no golf and couldn't get out with Sadie. The postman rattled the letter box and Sadie tried to get at him from the inside. Amongst the mail was a letter I recognised from Warners Holidays.

I need a break, so I'm going to Hereford!

Oh I thought, another load of special offers. Having been on several Warner holdays when my wife was alive and once on my own, I was on the mailing list. As I opened the letter the thought suddenly struck me, that's what I need - a break and a change. The next issue was where to go. Well, my mind made up, I booked four nights at Holme Lacy House Hotel. I knew it was in some beautiful countryside and also the chance to meet up with Jan and Derek. I booked it and made arrangements with the lovely lady who looks after Sadie. That done that was that.

The time to wait to go to Hereford seemed endless

The time was so slow in passing, it seemed an eternity before the end of march came around. Finally it was time to get all my clothes together ready to pack on Sunday night. By this time I was apprehensive but excited, I wasn't much looking forward to the drive but I was confident in the car and myself to make it safely.

I was up at the crack of dawn!

I was up at the crack of sparrows and loaded the car. Sadie was looking at me quizzically, as if to say what's going on where is my breakfast?. She doesn't like the car so no food till we got to Silvia's. All went well and I punched the post code into my sat nav and away we went. The journey went well and I arrived at about 13.15 hours at the hotel. My first stop was for a coffee and a sandwich. I spent the first day finding my way round. In no time it was time for dinner and the evening show.

Norman Hereford

Margaret Joel, Yours Truly, Norman, Derek and Ken Joel

Tuesday I met up with Jan and Derek who took me on a tour of Hereford, the old and the new. I enjoyed that very much, later we met up with fellow Oapschatters Ken and Margaret Joel and we all had lunch in All Saints.


Derek and I enjoying a pint at The Rose and Crown

We visited the Mappi Mundi and went round the cathedral and finally met up with another Oapschatter, Sheila Holley at The Rose and Crown. I later returned to the hotel.



The following day Derek picked me up and we went on a fantastic tour of the black and white villages. Eardisland, Pembridge, Credenhill, Lyonshall and Weobley.


The Salutation Lounge Bar Fireplace, Weobley

A boy's day out as Jan was busy. We have only met twice but we never stopped talking from start to finish. Wow what a day we had. Great fun!!


The Salutation Inn and other quaint black and white buildings in Weobley

A really great day culminating in lunch at the Salutation Inn at Weobley. My hot chicken sarny went down really well. Lovely place, my idea of a village pub. We had a great day and all too quickly it was done. Back at the hotel I met up with my stepdaughter and her husband who had travelled down that day. Evening meal and the show, a few glasses of the amber nectar and off to bed. 


Chris, Terri, Jan and Derek at Pembridge

The following day I did the driving and picked up Jan and Derek and took us all round the village trail, including Pembridge and culminating as we did the day before at the Salutation Inn in Weobley for lunch. We had a lovely day and later I invited Jan and Derek to the hotel for a meal with us and to see the show put on by the entertainment staff at the hotel.


All poshed up for evening meal and entertainment!

All too soon it was over. The following morning after breakfast it was time to say good bye to the delights of Hereford.

The weather was awful and the journey horrendous but my mind was full of the fantastic time I had. Thankyou for your kindness Jan and Derek and to quote a well known saying 'I will be back.'

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