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Computers are all very well when the internet works, when it does not, they are objects of great stress inducement!

This week has been one of those weeks. Endless hours spent on the phone trying to find out the reason why the internet is not working. Being told different things to try, put router up high, away from cordless phones, reset, restart, and so on and so on. Then I was told that an engineer would have to come to my house to check the internal wiring. This could result in a charge of £65!

Fibre Optic here I come!

So, to cut a long BORING tale, from next week I am going to be “Fibre Optic”, why you may ask am I paying all this extra expense? I learnt on Wednesday that I am infact sharing my telephone line with FORTY NINE other people, yes you read that correctly. FORTY NINE. That is why my speed is so slow in Hereford where I live. Usually only 2.3mb -2.6mb download speeds, it is no wonder I keep “dropping out”. (I secretly would like to “drop out” myself I tell you!!) I am being upgraded to a solitary line, just me and the BT Green box on a one to one basis. Thereby my download speed will dramatically increase to 39mb!!! So as from next Friday 24/4/15 I will be super duper fast. I want to believe this, I really really do. You will be updated Oapschatters!

It is Friday afternnon and I am now going to go out to look at all my lovely flowers in the spring sunshine. Admiring the beautiful blooms is a great de-stresser!


Mum planted these tulip bulbs for me. Hello Mum if you are looking at them!


My lovely neighbour Chris has tulips too!


Oh, and I thought you might like to see Derek's five headed daffodil!

Derek and I are going to see my eldest son and his fiance for the day on Sunday, James has been busy in their garden, so I will hopefully have new photos to put up on my next blog.

Have a good week everyone, see you next Saturday!

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