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Another hectic week here at Oapschat Towers. Sunday was a lovely day spent in Birmingham with James and Toni.

We had a super lunch at Miller and Carter, and chatted for over two hours. Toni and I had so much to catch up on as we haven't seen each other since last September.


Enjoying a very nice Pinot Grigio


Derek relaxing with his wine

We chose a table by the window and had great views of the barges going up and down the canal in Birmingham. It was not a sunny day, but the views of the people enjoying themselves relaxing, eating and drinking whilst slowly drifting down the canal, was a superb sight. I have often wondered about a holiday on barge. 

Birm canal

View of the canal from the restaurant

We walked along the canal path and then around the grounds near the vast new Library and the Art Museum. Both these buildings could only be viewed from the outside as they are closed to the public on Sundays. The flower beds were a sight to behold and even the sun came out briefly to show the lovely primroses in all their glory.

Birming art museum

The vast Art Museum



The new Library, amazing architecture!


Beautiful primroses and thankfully, no skateboarders!

A most enjoyable time was had by all. It did me good to get away from the screen for a few hours!

The internet has again been very hit and miss this week causing endless problems, but I am finally Fibre Optic, which means I have speeds up from 2.5 mb to 39-40 mb per second which is some sort of difference!! So I hope that from now on, the website and all other internet pages will open when I ask them to! Also, I hope there will not be hours wasted on the telephone! Yesterday I spent over six hours making this video for raising funds for the website. Do hope it will work!

Have a great week everyone, see you next Saturday!

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