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This week I have been busy writing and editing as usual, but instead of listening to Spotify or my CD’s, I have been playing some of my favourite Long Playing albums, or ‘Vinyl' as they appear listed these days on many websites. One of mum's favourite groups was the Moody Blues.

My ‘vinyl’ collection varies enormously from Abba through to The Who. I own around 180 albums. From the age of 16  I used to visit a local record store in town to look through the latest releases. I saved my wages from my Saturday job in Woolworths and often bought at least two albums a month.

Each album would be catalogued in alphabetical order and the order in which I bought them would have a sticker attached! The following seven albums are some of my favourites even though some are forty years old or more! I am slowly going to go through my record collection over the coming weeks and months and relive events etc. (If I can remember any!)

Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton looking so young! Copyright Electra

An album by Tom Paxton was the first album I bought in 1971 so he is Number 1!  The Compleat Tom Paxton. A strange way to spell compleat! A ‘live’ recording with great atmospherics. I saw him at Colston Hall in Bristol in 1973 and remember getting lost on the way home in my mini traveller!! 

Moody Blues

What a strange but wonderful cover! Copyright Decca

The Moody Blues On The Threshold Of A Dream is the next album. This is catalogued as number 5. It was released in 1969, but I bought it in 1971. Pianos, organs, guitars,double bass,mellotrons,drums and full orchestra! Also the cover is amazing! Like mum, I too love The Moody Blues and have seen them three times.

The Beatles

Another amazing cover, can you name everybody? Copyright Parlophone

The Beatles Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.This is catalogued as Number 19. I did not know that this was allegedly made under the influence of drugs and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds abbreviated can read LSD. I cannot remember when I bought this, probably 1972. It was released though in 1967. On eBay recently, this album was being auctioned at a starting price of £130! Mine is not in mint condition though.


Judy Collins Greatest Hits Copyright Cleopatra

Judy Collins Both Sides Now. This is catalogued as Number 46. A wonderful voice, still apparent today. I tried to learn some of her guitar chords. Joni Mitchell wrote Both Sides Now, but Judy singing this great song is a version I prefer. Many great songs, some covers, some self penned. I think I bought this in 1973 when I tried to learn to play the guitar properly. ( I am still learning!)


 Neil Young LP

A superb album Copyright Reprise

Neil Young Harvest. This is catalogued as Number 34.  Bought in 1972 and I was a 17 year old teenager singing along to 'Heart of Gold.' I remember buying a mouth organ and attempting to play 'Out on the weekend'! The title track was one of Mum's favourites.

Simon and Garfunkel

Two young folk singers! Copyright Sony

Simon and Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. This is catalogued as Number 20.How can one choose a favourite track from these two? 'For Emily wherever I may find her' is just such a great song. This album was their second released in 1966. I think I bought it in 1972. I was on a Simon and Garfunkel crusade to own all their albums!

Ralph LP

Ralph looking 'cool' Copyright Repetoire

Finally Ralph. Yes my hero Ralph Mctell!  Ralph Mctell Streets. This is catalogued as Number 47, I have all of his LPs but Streets was bought just after I saw him ‘live’ for the first time. The iconic 'Streets of London' had everyone in the aisles singing along. I was working in London at the time and I simply cannot remember the venue!! It was 1975.

So there you have it, a bit of reminiscing this week. Vinyl scratches its way through the tracks, some albums are warped and somehow still mange to be played. A big CLUNK as side one finishes and the needle glides back to its resting place. I get up and the album is “turned over” to play side 2.

This counts as exercise in my book as I have no remote control for the record player, so I have to leave my desk and walkover to it!

All of these albums can be found on Amazon.

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