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Every year at the end of April, beginning of May, it is the same. The letters come flooding through the letter box. ‘We can beat your current quote.’

So, I ring around about six companies, go on websites and certainly come away feeling more bewildered than previous ! I don’t think that is a website!!

All the operators start off with extortionately high rates. “Oh but things have changed over the past twelve months, there have been more accidents, more claims.” Does anyone ever pay the first asking price I wonder?

My car blog

My trustworthy motor

I have only done 2978 miles in my little car over the past twelve months and touch wood, have been a good girl and not had any bumps, scrapes, cracked windscreens etc. If there was a good Public Transport System where I live, I would not really need a car, but there isn't.

So to cut a short blog even shorter, I have paid the next year’s Car Insurance, which started off at £249 and is now being quoted as 'a great deal' at £144. I do however have to wait for the £105 ‘Cashback’ cheque for three months incase I decide to defect to another provider!! When did all this 'Cashback' come into being? Oh and there is a £25 Service charge as I went through a 'Broker'. One learns something every day.

Have a good week everyone! See you next Saturday!

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