This week Derek and I have been in Devon visiting family. A lovely part of the world, be it by the coast or inland.



Starcross station

The weather has mostly been dry apart from Thursday and Starcross station looking out over the estuary was a great view. Sometimes steam trains pass through here, but not this week. Many communter trains use this line as do 125 trains going to the bigger towns and cities. Starcross is a tranquil place with many boats bobbing on the water. Life here seems to move along at a very leisurely pace.


Holiday makers waiting for the train at Starcross


A 125 approaching

There are many Inns and restaurants all over Devon and one of the favourites is The Smugglers Inn near Dawlish. Our good friend and contributor Rosemary Smith wrote an article about this excellent place last year. Derek came here for an excellent lunch on Wednesday.

Thursday was a very wet day, so Derek went to see his brother in Paignton. They spent many hours catching up and he enjoyed quality time.

 Smugglers Inn

Waiting for The Smugglers Inn, Dawlish to open

 Smugglers Inn view

View from Smugglers Inn window

Exmouth beach is fabulous, and we walked from one end to the other on Friday. It was very quiet as the photo below suggests and unusually there was not any wind, so the walk meant no sand blowing in our faces for a change!

Exmouth beach

Exmouth Beach, superb as usual!

My sister has a fantastic garden and the flowers and shrubs are all showing their faces now. Looks like there will be an excellent crop of apples this year and the magnolia heads are starting to bloom.

Margaret garden

Apple Blossom in abundance in my sister's garden


Magnolia starting to flower

All too soon, it was time to return to Hereford and reflect on how lucky we are to be fortunate to visit some super places in the UK.

Have a good week everyone and see you next Saturday. 

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