Littlehampton Blog 

A relatively busy week and a decision to book a couple of nights away has taken place and I find myself on August 21st in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

 Littlehampton Blog

One of the self contained barns

 Littlehampton blog

A wishing well in the extensive gardens

 Littlehampton blog

Admiring the gardens

 After a long journey, it was good to arrive at our B and B. Amberley Court is a remarkable place, unfortunately the owner does not have a website, so I hope the photos we took will give you some idea of this unusual set up. There is the main house and in the grounds there are three more self contained renovated barns.

We stayed in the main building which has wonderful artefacts including many antique sewing machines!

Littlehampton Blog

Terri and Chris waiting for fish and chips

Norman and his step daughter and her husband took us out for tea at Fred's Fish and Chip Shop and restaurant in Littlehampton. Fred's  is well known in the area for serving the 'best fish and chips'. I ordered plaice and chips and the meal did not disappoint!

Instead of alcohol, a mug of tea accompanied our meal! Now there's a first for Derek!!!

Littlehampton Blog Wk 49

Norman by the harbour, Littlehampton

The weather was certainly better than in Hereford and a leisurley walk along the promenade was very welcome in the evening sunshine. Then we all went back to Norman's for a few glasses of wine and chose our favourite tracks of music from Spotify! Norman was enthralled by how this works and was soon requesting tracks.

Memories surfaced of where we were and how old we were etc when certain songs were released!

Saturday was a day of glorious sunshine from around 6am through til dark. Norman had his route planned for us and we beagn our tour of the area. Nothing could have prepared us for the tragic event a few hours later. The journey started off with a drive to Bognor Regis. The traffic was very heavy indeed and a twenty minute journey turned into one that took an hour and ten minutes. The decision was taken that we would make a detour and leave the A27 and not crawl along towards Shoreham and Worthing.

Norman was confident that we would be able to see some of the planes that were taking part in the air shows in Shoreham and Dawlish


Enjoying a welcome drink at The Anchor Bleu at Bosham

We stopped at Bosham and walked along the narrow streets to The Anchor Bleu for a drink outside in the by now 29oc temperature. After a sandwich at The Boat Club, Littlehampton, we returned to Climping where Norman lives to take Sadie out for a walk.


One of the lovely gardens in Climping Park

It was then that a lady told us there had been an awful accident on the A27. A Hawker Hunter had crashed directly onto the road into passing cars and landed in some bushes bursting into flames.

Vulcan Blog wk 49

The Vulcan flying over Norman's 

Soon after the Vulcan flew overhead followed by a Spitfire. The Vulcan came back over a few more times and I managed to get a reasonable photo. All we could think about was that we could have been on that very road where people lost their lives. The decision to turn back turned out to be the right one.

We then drove up to Bury Hill and were met by the sight of many many motorbikes and their owners enjoying the sunshine with cups of tea and ice creams. This is a popular spot for meeting up and if anything, the weather was even hotter. 

Littlehampton blog

Many many bikes at Bury Hill

  Littlehampton blog

The Woodman Arms and three satisfied customers!

The evening was spent firstly at The Woodman Arms for an excellent meal and then back to Norman's. I had wine to drink and the men had malt whiskey. A busy, but enjoyable day, marred by the sadness of the crash at Shoreham.

Sunday started off sunny, but soon deteriorated into very heavy rain. I was due to have my first ever golf lesson! Instead we drove into Rossington and had a cuppa and then looked around a garden centre before lunch at The Ship and Anchor at Arundel. A very tasty roast was eaten and then it was time to make our way back to Hereford.

Thank you Norman, Chris and Terri for making our weekend with you all so enjoyable. 

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