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 Fundraising Blog

This week has seen lots of rain, lots of phone calls, lots of emailing and lots of thinking about new ideas! A shorter blog than usual is the result!

I don't how many of you like using Skype or Facetime to communicate with loved ones, friends, aquaintances etc. I use Facetime every day and find it a lot easier than a phone call when talking to my youngest son. 

Since meeting up in person with fellow Oapschatters Norman Turner and Terri Mason, they have each bought ipads and now we Facetime one another about once a week. Sometimes Derek and I both talk to Norman and have a three way conversation. This usually involves a lot of laughter and also personal concerns are shared

I would like to purchase a video chat link for the website and have set up a GoFundMe fundraising project. This has been on my mind for a while now and after setting up my Patreon fundraising site, some of you are very kindly donating via this way. Some people like PayPal, some don't. Many people don't like their banking details being revealed online and are not happy contributing this way. Some people prefer to write a cheque. All of these methods are down to personal choice. 

If any of you have items you would like to sell, I could put them up on the website and maybe you would consider donating part of the proceeds?

I am wondering how many of you would be interested in using a Video link?  This could take the form of a one to one or in a group with many of us linking up. I hope to have Question and Answer sessions with authors, TV personalities, business people and many of our very talented contributors talking about their various skills etc. 

With winter approaching and nights drawing in, I am hoping that loneliness for some will be avoided via contacting each other this way. Let me know your thoughts?

Have a good week and see you next Saturday!